Bug: repeating question “Do you like our app”?


After a couple of days our apps are asking you for your opinion and a review at the App Store. Unfortunately a bug creeped into that system. In rare cases, this request comes up again and again.

This applies for all apps with the version numbers 1.2 and 1.3. Older and newer versions do not have this bug.

Thanks to your constructive comments and help we were able to encircle the bug and our "pest controllers" found a temporary solution until the Update 1.3.1 will be available:

Restart app

When quitting and restarting the app, the request is handled correctly and won't appear again. The important thing is that the app has really been quit and is not still running in the background.

How that works? Go to the homescreen and double-tap the home-button. >>> tap the app-icon and hold until it wiggles >>> tap the small x >>> the app is now completely quit >>> a tap on the home button and nothing wiggles anymore ;-). Now you can restart the app as usual.

Another way is to simply restart your iPad .

Updates to version 2.0.5


After last week's update of Textkraft Spanish, today we are going to release the update to version 2.0.5 for Textkraft German. The updates for all other apps will follow within the next days. Textkraft users may look forward to use the synonyms again. The rare case of the crazy moving forward delete button is also fixed. Here are the details about the update ...

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Data recovery with Word-2-Text


Our Word-2-Text Converter can recover data from corrupted files.

We didn't think about that when developing Word-2-Text, but sometimes hidden talents just appear at the point of use. Are you familiar with error messages in Word® such as: "Word was unable to open this document. It may be corrupt"?

This message can be a great shock and loss if there is no working backup file.

The content of corrupted DOCX files causes much less problems for Word-2-Text than for Word itself, because the converter is able to ignore a lot of layout information during import. In most cases the whole text can be recovered, only in rare cases there may be some "garbage characters" at the data recovery.

So before commissioning an expensive service provider to recover the lost document, it is a good idea to try it with Word-2-Text. This way you can recover many documents which you thought had been lost forever.

Here you can find all important information and technical details about Word-2-Text.

Textkraft DE 1.0.3. Update

This afternoon we will publish a small maintenance-update for Textkraft Deutsch bringing along a few bug fixes and iOS5 compability. IT is NOT the announced large function update. We still need some time for that one. The special countdown price is still valid: Get Textkraft for only €1.59 and all future updates for free. This offer is only valid until the release of version 1.1.

First Bug (Online-help can’t be closed)

What's wrong? When opening the online-help (Wikis etc.) the "done"-button for closing the feature is not visible. The App has to be restarted in this case. How can I avoid the bug? Simply be vigilant about holding the iPad upright when starting Textkraft. Afterwards everything is alright in portrait- and landscape- orientation. However Textkraft may not be already opened in the Background (multitask). How to close open programs right is described in our manual. Update: With an update to Textkraft DE 1.0.1 the described bug is fixed.