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The new app "More words" expands the German vocabulary of your iPhone or iPad with just one touch of a button.

The app adds up to 5,000 missing words and phrases to the iOS dictionary. Spell checker and word suggestions in all apps benefit from this.

Word examples that an iPhone can't understand without the app: Abscheidung, Beautycase, Checker, Diskontinuität, Einbehaltung, Fantastik, Gimmick, Hehlerware, Inklusion, Jagertee, Kakofonie, La-Ola-Welle, Mautgebühr, Nordpolarmeer, Ohrstecker, Parteiensystem, Quilt, Reifungsprozess, Sanktionierung, Tiramisu, Unangepasstheit, Vorkasse, Wegfahrsperre, Xylografie, Yps, Zuarbeit and thousands of words more.

The additional vocabulary is taken from the corpus of the large Textkraft Professional word processor dictionary. Other languages beside German will be available soon.

More words in the App Store

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