Which dash is the right to use?

There are many options to create a dash in Microsoft® Word®. The most common ones are:

  • - figure dash: used when a dash must be used within numbers, e.g. phone number (x2012)
  • – en dash: n dash, n-rule, or "nut" (–), traditionally half the width of an em dash (x2013)
  • — em dash: m dash, m-rule, or "mutton", often demarcates a break of thought or some similar interpolation stronger than the interpolation demarcated by parentheses (x2014)
  • However, if you use the command "x0097" (see screenshot below) to create an em dash, no other text editor than Word will display it, because it is actually a control instruction for machines and not meant for the use in texts. This means when you import your text into another text editor, your "x0097" em dash might get lost.

    Therefore we recommend using one of the dashes we've listed above.

    2 thoughts on “Which dash is the right to use?

    1. Where are the different dashes on Lite. I have only found one very long dash which is not what I want.

      • Hey,
        you can find the dashes either directly on the keyboard (when you go to the special signs) – our keyboard extension has a “star” button with more special characters and symbols where you can also find additional dashes, depending on app version and language you’re using.