Bug: repeating question “Do you like our app”?

After a couple of days our apps are asking you for your opinion and a review at the App Store. Unfortunately a bug creeped into that system. In rare cases, this request comes up again and again.

This applies for all apps with the version numbers 1.2 and 1.3. Older and newer versions do not have this bug.

Thanks to your constructive comments and help we were able to encircle the bug and our "pest controllers" found a temporary solution until the Update 1.3.1 will be available:

Restart app

When quitting and restarting the app, the request is handled correctly and won't appear again. The important thing is that the app has really been quit and is not still running in the background.

How that works? Go to the homescreen and double-tap the home-button. >>> tap the app-icon and hold until it wiggles >>> tap the small x >>> the app is now completely quit >>> a tap on the home button and nothing wiggles anymore ;-). Now you can restart the app as usual.

Another way is to simply restart your iPad .

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