Problems with iOS 8

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Our Textkraft and Easy Writer iPad apps in version 2.1.x do not work with iOS 8. If you already updated your device to iOS 8, the text app can no longer be started.

UPDATE 10/03/2014: The new iOS 8 versions are now on the way.

Right now no update is available. Why? Our major Textkraft update was planned to be released at the end of October. There was no reason to hustle, since our apps worked well up to iOS pre-release "beta 5". We were - like many other app developers - surprised by last minute changes that cannot be fixed within a short period of time.

Ever since this problem is evident, our team works day and night to provide you with the updates as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, we are forced to retain some features you already know and roll them out with later updates. On the other hand, we've changed the app's storage concept and we also have new features on board, that you will like.

Before you update your device to iOS 8, please make sure to save your texts in advance, for example by attaching them to mail or using a Cloud storage. If you have already updated to iOS 8 and need texts you've stored locally or in Textkraft's rapid memories, please follow these instructions in order to export your texts from Textkraft to iTunes on your Mac or PC. Apart from that, we ask you to postpone updating your device only for a little while.

We apologize for these unanticipated hiccups.

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