Text changes not saved after import

Affected Products:
Textkraft for iPad version 3.1 (all build numbers 4800 – 5000)

Date: 02/03/2015

If files from other apps were sent via „Open in...“ or AirDrop to Textkraft, these files can be edited, but changes will not be saved, if the file remains in the Inbox folder. Users don’t get any warnings.

If a file was sent to Textkraft via „Open in ...“ or AirDrop, the storage location needs to be changed, the document should not remain in the Inbox folder.

Open the „Share text“ menu ShareTextMenu, choose „Save as...“ and save the document to a location of your choice. After saving, you can directly edit your text – the frontmost document is automatically the recently saved.

Upcoming updates will fix this issue.

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