Updates to version 2.0.5

After last week's update of Textkraft Spanish, today we are going to release the update to version 2.0.5 for Textkraft German. The updates for all other apps will follow within the next days. Textkraft users may look forward to use the synonyms again. The rare case of the crazy moving forward delete button is also fixed. Here are the details about the update ...

  • Synonyms are visible again in the dictionary
  • Many improvements in the dictionary
  • Fixed forward-delete button craziness
  • Replaced wrong info buttons in the file menu
  • Fixed incomplete info page when app was started in landscape mode
  • Web view optimized for iOS 6

2 thoughts on “Updates to version 2.0.5

  1. Did not see a fix for creation date error. Last update of program allowed creation date to reflect the actual date of creation. But I just pulled up an old file from cloud storage and local iPad storage and it replaced the creation date to today. It appears it is putting the Modified date as Creation date. Can you fix this? Also, are you ever going to allow for file folders? The more I write the more my list just gets longer. If I cannot file my docs better, I will be forced to use another app. Perhaps you want people to use your app as a start and then export to another app like Pages. But for journaling your app is great and I do not want to use any other app. However, I also do not want to be searching through old files. Your app has been great for a budding author, but I will outgrow it soon if I am unable to keep track of my creation, last mod date, and be able to organize a basic filing system. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Dear David. Our apps take the modification date when the creation date is not provided by the cloud storage. This can have several reasons. We must look into any single case to find out why. In most cases the creation date wasn’t saved by an old API. But basically it should be fixed for all new documents. Please write to our support team (web form, or the e-mail you already have) if you see problems.
      Folders can be created on Mac/PC by the iTunes file sharing (you can drop folders there), or by using the Dropbox app for Dropbox. Our apps allow to navigate to these folders and store/load from/in it. iCloud does not have the basic philosophy of having folders. We will support whatever Apple decides on this issue in the future.