10 good reasons for Textkraft

A countdown of the small essentials for writing on iPad and iPhone.

The Textkraft writing apps are equipped with outstanding features, such as offline dictionaries, synonyms, WYSIWYG print dialogs, PDF export, search and smart replace, and tons of import and export options. However, the thoughtful editing tools make the apps even more special, since they make writing on the iPad and iPhone much more comfortable.

A countdown of the small essentials ...


– 10 –  A button for the use of capital and small initial letters: The annoying navigating back to the beginning of the word is in the past. Pressing the button multiple times switches between upper- and lower case and capital letters.


– 9 –  The bracket button places brackets and quotation marks around the text selection or the current sentence, when there is no text selection. At the end of the text it places the cursor automatically between brackets or quotation marks to fill them with text.


– 8 –  The éüç button sets diacritical marks and umlauts automatically. It operates on already written words: "voila" becomes "voilá", "manana" becomes "mañana" and "Tur" becomes "Tür". In addition to the possible spellings for all activated languages, Textkraft offers also keys for all dicritical signs and umlauts.


– 7 –  A tool for quick text selection: Word, sentence and paragraph - just a tap! The text selection can be easily expanded to the right and to the left without any finger fractures.


– 6 –  An additional button for all special characters and symbols that are missing or hardly accessible on the iPad or iPhone keyboard.


– 5 –  A dynamic slider and 14 cursor keys (8 keys on the iPhone) are placing the cursor exactly where the user wants it, whilst others are still waiting for the magnifying glass when navigating with their fingers. This are more options than on a real keyboard.


– 4 –  The spell-aid buttons are jumping to the next unknown or wrong word. This way – even in large texts – typos can be easily detected and corrected.


– 3 –  With the undo/redo feature one can try various phrasings. Undo or redo multiple steps? No problem!

How to use the "Extended Forward-Delete" key. - Tap on the image to enlarge it!

How to use the "Extended Forward-Delete" key. - Tap on the image to enlarge it!


– 2 –  For PC users that don't want to completely adjust themselves: The forward-delete button discards the character ahead of the cursor's position. But that's not all: Only Textkraft Professional offers the
"Extended Forward-Delete" function, which was designed in collaboration with professional translators. This unique feature speeds up the typical translation process.


– 1 –  Quickly look up something at the top or bottom of the text? With a tap, the POI button jumps back to the cursor position and colored markers help to find the cursor immediately.

As mentioned above, these are only a few detail specialities of Textkraft. A list of all features is available at the app store description.

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