More freedom for translators!

Textkraft is the perfect tool for translators

Text work and precise research are essential for the hidden heroes of our globalized world. No matter if in communication or entertainment: Things will not work out without professional translation.

There are many good tools for translators, but besides an optimal productivity a satisfying work-life balance becomes more important. Mobility is the deciding factor...

More freedom for translators?

Irrespective of any linguistic and stylistic freedom translators would like to have: Textkraft can at least help to have a free choice of the working environment.

Translate everywhere with Textkraft

We're not only talking about narrow plane seats, full trains and overflowing waiting areas – all of these occasions are perfect for a little work unit. We're talking about the nice places, such as the sofa back home, the gazebo, the city park, a swimming pool or the ocean beach. Places which have their charms when it becomes important to balance work and leisure in accordance. The prerequisites for this are perfect communication equipment and a streamlined, compact working device. The Apple iPad equipped with Textkraft offers these characteristics. It is everywhere available, where even a laptop is too bulky or just not at hand.

"The iPad is a toy. You cannot really work on it!"

Well, this statement is outdated. Textkraft Professional lines up to be the perfect tool for mobile translators. But what makes Textkraft the best app for translators? We summarized the major features and advantages:

    Precise cursor navigation, selection guides & dictionaries

    Precise cursor navigation, selection guides & dictionaries - Tap on the image to enlarge it!

  • Textkraft offers built-in dictionaries for 16 languages, which can be used offline. Extended dictionaries with synonyms are included for English, Spanish, French and German. Textkraft speaks Dansk, Deutsch, English (AUS, CAN, GB, IN, US), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português (PT, BR), Русский, Svenska and Türkçe. More languages are coming soon.

  • The required languages can be activated in the settings menu and are available during work _without_ switching the keyboard language. This means the translator always works with his personally optimal keyboard layout, no matter what target language is desired. Textkraft can also switch off the iOS Auto-Correct feature, so that a multilingual writing flow isn't disturbed.

  • Besides the built-in dictionaries, Textkraft has many helpful online references at hand. Just position the cursor on the desired word and tap on the look up button of your choice – no text selection is needed and the results are directly displayed within the app, no need to leave Textkraft at any time. Translations, definitions, paraphrases, synonyms and pronunciation – everything can be checked on demand, without interrupting the workflow.

  • Capitalization change: one tap, no need to navigate to the beginning of the word. Set brackets and quotation marks: one button tap, with automatic sentence selection and correct typographic quotation marks for all languages. Use diacritic signs and umlauts, which are well hidden on the standard keyboard: write the word without any decoration, then tap the "éüç"-button – done! Special characters and symbols: clearly arranged in a collection to choose from.

  • How to use the "Extended Forward-Delete" key

    How to use the "Extended Forward-Delete" key. - Tap on the image to enlarge it!

  • Forward delete and tabulator are always at hand. But there's more: Only Textkraft provides the unique "Extended forward delete" button, which was especially designed for translators. It speeds up the typical translation process, where translations are directly typed into the original document: Write the translated sentence in front of the original, tap the button and continue translating immediately with the correct cursor position. There is no faster way to work sentence by sentence through a text. (See examples in the box on the right.)

  • Precise cursor positioning or text selection needed? No problem. While others are still waiting for the text "magnifying glass" to appear and struggle with the little blue selection markers, Textkraft achieves your goals with a zero frustration policy. A dynamic slider and 14 cursor keys are placing the insertion point right where you want it. Selecting a word, a sentence or a paragraph: only one tap. Extend the selection step by step to the left or the right: just another tap of a button.

  • Checking something above or below in the text? A quick-scroll-slider and paging keys help to get away and the POI-button easily brings you back to where the cursor waits.

  • The Spell-Aid buttons find all unknown words. A word can be added to the dictionary. Unlimited Undo/Redo helps on wrong ways and the Search and Smart Replace toolbar finds everything and helps with "assembly line" replacements. A specialty: The function retains case sensitivity when words are replaced.

  • Direct access to iCloud, Dropbox and other clouds

    Direct access to iCloud, Dropbox and other clouds. - Tap on the image to enlarge it!

  • Stay in contact with customers and colleagues and share your documents. This is one of our best disciplines. A secured local storage and seven cloud services are available to store and retrieve documents. The Share menu offers e-mail, iMessage, several social networks and direct transmissions to other apps or devices. All Mac, Linux and Windows text encodings are supported.

  • Textkraft prints and creates PDFs with a WYSIWYG preview. This feature has already saved some trees. Office documents like PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets and other formats like HTML and images can be opened as a working model. Switch between two or more documents with a simple swipe gesture – no closing of the keyboard is needed.

  • Documents can be compared with each other. The comparison tool shows either the complete original document with all deletions, additions and corrections or just a short list of changes, whereas all unchanged passages stay concealed.

  • A multilingual read aloud function helps with the quality check, a comprehensive statistic module provides all needed information for accounting (yes, it counts words and tons of other things) and the colored text markers and styling functions help to get organized in the text.

  • Textkraft supports all onscreen and Bluetooth keyboards (incl. styling shortcuts), Siri dictation und it can be controlled with VoiceOver. A night mode allows longer and less exhausting translation under bad light conditions.

Who thinks an iPad is not mobile enough, can load almost all of the described functions on an iPhone: Textkraft Pocket is optimized for all iPhone models, including the iPhone 6 Plus.

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