Textkraft for visually handicapped users


Last week Apple's CEO Tim Cook said, the company will focus even more on accessibility features for visually impaired users in the future. The National Federation of the Blind said, Apple “has done more for accessibility than any other company”, though third party iOS-apps still lack of appropriate features.

One of our visually impaired users contacted us last year. His positive feedback inspired us to improve flawless work with Textkraft for the visually handicapped.

Textkraft now provides users with an extensive and highly improved VoiceOver-, Siri- and Text-To-Speech-functionality. VoiceOver guides handicapped users safely through the app. To make this possible, each button is precisely named and also contains a brief description of its function.

We also put some effort in the post-editing of Siri dictations. Textkraft automatically puts full stops and spaces at the end of spoken sentences. In addition, the cursor navigation tool opens automatically after a dictation, with its word-mode directly activated, so that words Siri clearly misunderstood can be corrected immediately.

The upcoming Textkraft 3.2 will offer another option for visually impaired users: We've developed a read-out-loud feature, which is more sophisticated than the normal iOS Text-To-Speech. It will be possible to forward and rewind the reading and switch chosen languages while reading multilingual texts. Users will also be able to select between two speaking rates.

No Textkraft user yet? Download it for iPhone or iPad on the App Store.

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