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Finally it’s springtime!

It’s that time of the year, where we traditionally provide our apps with updates. Today we announce the 5th extended update of our apps within the last 6 months. The update equips Textkraft Professional with many important productivity features. This article will summarize the details for you.

What’s NEW in Textkraft Professional version 3.2?

Image of the new search and replace toolbar.

The new search and replace toolbar. - Tap on the image to enlarge it!

Textkraft now contains a search and replace toolbar that works with the intelligent SASR (Search and Smart Replace) technology. The configurable full-text search provides a wide range of navigation functions to find and change specific text passages. Another time saving speciality is the intelligent replace function, which retains case sensitivity when words are replaced.

Image of the new Overview feature. It allows you to compare documents.

The new Overview feature allows you to compare documents. - Tap on the image to enlarge it!

Dealing with multiple documents is simplified by the new Overview. It displays all open files as well-arranged thumbnails. Changing the order of documents, as well as creating working copies, comparing different text versions, closing documents, and quickly bringing a specific text frontmost for editing can be managed right out of the Overview. In addition, a theoretically unlimited number of documents can remain open simultaneously.

Due to the new Overview function, documents can be compared with each other. The comparison tool shows either the complete original document with all deletions, additions and corrections or just a short list of changes, whereas all unchanged passages stay concealed. If you select non-editable preview documents for comparison, i.e. Excel sheets or images, Textkraft checks to what percentage the files differ.

Textkraft Cloud Services

On numerous user requests, we’ve added native support for the cloud services Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to Textkraft. Our app supports all cloud services (iCloud, Dropbox, BOX, Evernote) natively, i.e. they are not only displayed as iOS extensions, but also allow you to rename, delete, bookmark and create files and folders.

In version 3.2, folders can also be marked as favourites. Furthermore, you can directly jump to a files’ storage location (= parent folder) from the favourites and the list of recently edited documents.

File lists now contain the last modification date and the size of files, so you don’t need to open the document to get this information. You can also tap on long file names to see the cutted part of the name.

Textkraft Text-To-Speech

A texts' perception from the outside is a necessary part of a professional quality check. If no test reader is at hand or simply undesired, the own ears can help to proofread the writing: Textkraft offers a brand new reading aloud function for this task, which is far more sophisticated than the regular Text-To-Speech. It’s possible to switch languages and adjust the speech rate during the reading of multilingual documents. Additionally, particularly difficult passages can be repeated at will and a sentence-wise forward and rewind is possible at any time.

In addition to the extensive VoiceOver support and Siri dictation, the new read-aloud function is yet another great tool for visually impaired users.

Preview documents now have a scrollbar, which reaches every scroll position within just a second, no matter how many pages the document contains. If you swipe between multiple documents, the scroll position of the preview document will now remain. (When the preview document must be reloaded, the last scroll position will be available within a second, just hold breath for a moment.)

Examples of the new Extended Forward Delete function.

How to use the "Extended Forward Delete" key. - Tap on the image to enlarge it!

RTF and image files can now be opened as previews. Further, preview documents can now be shared and images and PDFs can be printed directly within Textkraft.

The new "Extended Forward Delete" key was designed in collaboration with professional translators. This unique feature deletes all characters in front of the cursor until the character is reached, which was prior to the initiation of the function on the left side of the cursor. If no stop character is found, the function deletes up until the end of the paragraph. This new feature speeds up the typical translation process. Please find examples in the image box on the right.

Hint: Entire paragraphs can be deleted with just a single tap, if the cursor is positioned before the first character of the paragraph.

Paragraph and line spacing can now be adjusted in the settings menu. Furthermore, the new auto-prefix function can be activated. When it’s turned on, enumeration markings, manual indentations (spaces, tabs), or other prefixes are copied from the current paragraph to the new paragraph when you press return. Tapping return one more time removes the prefix, if necessary.

Textkraft Professional 3.2 now supports font style keyboard shortcuts on external Bluetooth keyboards. For bold press Cmd + B, for italic Cmd + I and for underline Cmd + U. The automatic word selection comes into play, so that no selection must be created when you want to mark single words.

Further improvements at a glance:

  • The passcode protection can now be unlocked with Touch ID
  • We improved the automatic sentence selection
  • External dictionaries can be opened in Safari, e.g. to set bookmarks
  • Reduced memory requirements
  • Cloud services which are connected to Textkraft are now always on the top of the list
  • The loading of documents can now be cancelled, if it takes too long. Important for bad Internet connections, especially on high-speed trains.
  • Fixed rare crashes with bad Internet connections immediately after starting the app
  • Fixed problems with renaming files
  • Fixed unexpected closing of the on-screen keyboard after swipe gestures
  • Fixed the "bouncing text" problem when closing the keyboard
  • Eliminated incorrect font size behavior when Siri dictation was used in blank documents
  • Some fonts lost bold and italic styles when the font face was switched
  • More stability improvements for BOX, iCloud Drive, Evernote, VoiceOver, Passcode protection and iOS 7
Textkraft Professional Icon

The update to version 3.2 is exclusively available for Textkraft Professional. Textkraft Lite will offer the new features as Pro option about mid April.

Textkraft Sparschwein

Starting today Textkraft Professional
is discounted to $5.99 / £4.49 / €5,99
. The special offer ends at the Easter weekend. The normal price is $9.99 / £7.99 / €9,99.

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