Textkraft Pocket Update

Beste Bewertung für Textkraft Pocket

The spring update 4.2 of Textkraft Pocket for iPhone and Apple Watch is available now!


  • IMPORTANT update for DROPBOX users. Former Textkraft versions stop supporting Dropbox in June 2017!
  • The new option "App activation" opens favourites, recent files or a new document when the app comes to foreground and no document or menu is open
  • New function "find similar text" in the German dictionary
  • Fixed problems with synonym lists, finding the next unknown word, Share extension (frozen sender apps), RTF import, ownCloud/nextCloud connections, image attachments, Facebook messages, folder renaming, Touch ID unlock and too frequent survey dialogs
  • Fixed problems on arabic devices and for some other less frequent language settings
  • QuickActions are now triggered after Textkraft was secured by PIN code or Touch ID
  • More precise collision check for concurrent edited cloud documents
  • The German dictionary crashed when the database was missing an auxiliary verb
  • Cosmetical changes for iOS 10
  • New iPhone models work faster and consume less energy
  • Modernized alert messages and app icons
  • Stopped iOS 7 support, Textkraft needs iOS 8.0 or newer to operate. We recommend iOS 9 or 10.

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