Word-2-Text now on iPhone!

Free your DOCX - now on iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®. With Word-2-Text you can import the content of Microsoft® Word®-documents into any iOS app*.

Word-2-Text for the iPad has been very successful so far. With the update 1.1 Word-2-Text becomes an universal app. That means the app runs on all iOS devices with a single purchase.

No matter if privately or on business - mobility is a decisive factor nowadays. Reading e-mails on mobile devices has become standard. Thus, iPhone and iPad users are facing the same problem: Many apps can not open Word-documents or only display their content. There is also the fact that most apps omit contents when displaying DOCX- or DOC-files.

With Word-2-Text you can extract the content of Word-documents as plain text and forward it to any app*. This way you can import DOCX- and DOC-files into all common text editors, note books and other apps to have the content on hand for editing and full-text search.

The experts from myipadapps.com have reviewed Word-2-Text and agree: "What we really like with this new app is the simplicity of just tapping to transfer your Microsoft Word file to your favorite text editor. This new app is a nice addition for your mobile office."

The plain text format is also important for long-term filing: A Word-program is not neccessary to get, read and edit the documents. Considering the tight storage capacities on iPad and iPhone the conversion of DOCX- and DOC-files into plain text can be very profitable: Compared to Word-documents, plain text takes only a fractional amount of storage.

More technical details can be found here

* ... to any app that can import text.

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