X-Callback-URL in Textkraft

Textkraft Professional 3.3 and Texktkraft Pocket 2.1 are supporting the X-Callback-URL specification. In this article we describe the callback URL and its parameters.

The URL scheme for Textkraft Professional is "textkraftpro", for Textkraft Pocket it is "textkraftpocket". Using the X-Callback-URL users can:

  1. Create a new "untitled" document with initial text in Texkraft
  2. Append text to the end of the current document
  3. Just start up Textkraft

When you call ...
... Textkraft Professional will start up, doing nothing. Please note, that the "x-callback-url" part of the URL is always optional. We support it, because it is part of the specification, but all commands work also without this path component.

We support the following actions:

  • /create - Creates a new document
  • /append - Appends text to the current (frontmost) document, if this is an editable text document
For both actions we support an optional parameter text, that holds the initial text or the text to append. Examples:
  • textkraftpocket://x-callback-url/create?text=Hello%20World
    This will start up Textkraft Pocket on iPhone and will create a new document with the initial text "Hello World".
  • textkraftpro://x-callback-url/append?text=%0DHello%20World
    This will start up Textkraft Professional on iPad and will append a carriage return (encoded as %0D) and the text "Hello World" in the next line of to the frontmost document.

This is just the start, we are planning to support more actions. Please let our support team know, when you have the need for a special workflow. The x-callback-url.com site is a good resource to learn more about the callback specification.

Affected products:

  • Textkraft Professional for iPad version 3.3 or newer
  • Textkraft Pocket for iPhone 2.1 or newer

Date: 08/19/2015

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