Welcome to the dark side!

Wise Guy dark mode settings

Wise Guy is the mobile knowledge browser that uses camera OCR and ready-made rubrics to enable quick searches on the Internet.

If you enjoy to read printed magazines or books at a late hour, of course we don't want you to be blinded by Wise Guy when you try to look up a word with the app.

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The update for self-publisher

Textkraft Pro Update 4.1

The new update 4.1 of Textkraft Professional for the iPad comes with many new and updated features, that are primarily for self-publishers of great interest.

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Textkraft now on iPhone!

Textkraft now on iPhone      infovole @ App Store

In March 2014 rumors were all about Apple's iOS 8. The news predicted Apple would take the Mac OS X text editor "TextEdit" to iPad and iPhone. This didn't happen, but now there is a perfect replacement for the missing app: Textkraft Pocket.

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