The digital cheat sheet

Textkraft Pocket Spicker Widget

Apple seems to have made a big coup with the widgets that can be placed directly on the home screen in iOS 14. Everybody loves widgets because they provide important information and access to hidden functions without detours.

The new Textkraft Pocket Version 4.8 also launched the first widget last week. With the "Cheat sheet", any text excerpts can be brought to the home screen. We have put together an illustrated guide that explains all the options.

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Welcome to the dark side!

Wise Guy dark mode settings

Wise Guy is the mobile knowledge browser that uses camera OCR and ready-made rubrics to enable quick searches on the Internet.

If you enjoy to read printed magazines or books at a late hour, of course we don't want you to be blinded by Wise Guy when you try to look up a word with the app.

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The update for self-publisher

Textkraft Pro Update 4.1

The new update 4.1 of Textkraft Professional for the iPad comes with many new and updated features, that are primarily for self-publishers of great interest.

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