Advice for multilingual writers

International Keyboards and Auto-Correction

Textkraft German, English, French and soon Spanish: At the moment our word processing suite is rapidly growing to become a multilingual family. The sensitive spelling aid and all the editing options are the strong points of our apps. However, it can be annoying when the iPad's auto-correction messes up your text by replacing right words, for example when your system language and the keyboard are english, the spanish word "escribiendo" will be replaced by "escribir do" which is totally wrong if you are writing a spanish text. So do I always have to switch the system language of my iPad or turn the auto-correction completely off to write multilingual texts with Textkraft?

The standard auto-correction on the iPad is not relative to the chosen system languge, as some might think, but in fact based on the keyboard you are using. In Settings - General - Keyboard - International Keyboards you may activate language specific Keyboards as you desire. For example, if you activate the french keyboard, the auto-correction will be french, too.

We recommend to activate all keyboards that you might need at once. After that you won't have to change your keyboard settings again. As you can see on the screenshot, you can switch easily between all activated keyboard layouts with a tap on the globe.

Everybody who prefers to use the own native keyboard layout and still doesn't want to auto-correction to destroy their german, spanish or french texts, may turn off the auto-correction exclusively for Textkraft. Just go to Settings - Textkraft and turn off the auto-correction (shown at right). This way you can still use the auto-correction with other apps, but when writing your multilingual texts with Textkraft you won't be disturbed by ongoing auto-correction attacks.

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