How can I import texts to my writing app?

You can import all files in txt format. You have various options to import your text:

1. Import a Mail attachment: Open the attachment in Mail, tap on the arrow top right and choose "Open in Textkraft" or "Open in EasyWriter".

2. Copy&Paste: Almost any app allows you to select text by a tap and holding it lengthy. Then you can choose "all" and "copy". If you switch to Textkraft or Easy Writer then, you may paste the text with the same gesture (tap & hold).

3. Via Dropbox, iCloud & local Storages: Open a document from Dropbox, iCloud or iTunes File Sharing at the start menu bottom right (next to the rapid memories). Dropbox allows the exchange beyond system- and app borders. iCloud connects all infovole apps and iTunes is a private and local storage.

4. When the origin app includes the command "open in app", Textkraft and Easy Writer can also receive texts that way.

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