Storing texts safely in the cloud

Store your texts safely in Dropbox or other cloud services with the apps by infovole and the app BoxCryptor. This works with an algorithm for encryption which protects overlook of too curious fellows.

Secomba, the developers of BoxCryptor and infovole agreed upon a cooperation which will make the encrypted storage available in the writing apps of infovole. We are already working eagerly on its implementation. Until then you can save your text documents safely with a workaround.

Here we explain how:

1) Be sure you have installed Textkraft, Schreibkraft or Easy Writer as well as the free app BoxCryptor on your iPad. Create an encrypted folder on your Dropbox with BoxCryptor. Just follow the instructions of the app.

2) When you are in textkraft now, open the text you'd like to store safely. In the share menu, choose "Open in app" and select BoxCryptor. Hint: If your text shall have a specific name, first safe it in iTunes File Sharing under the name, then send it to BoxCryptor.

3) In BoxCryptor you are directed to the upload menu automatically. Tap on the blue button which says "Upload to this folder" to safe your text encrypted to the created folder. Hint: The list of files updated when you pull it down.

4) To open the document, you cannot use Textkraft's import menu. For decrypting you need to go back to BoxCryptor and enable it with your password. After that, you may choose the command "Open in 'Textkraft'" on top right. Your document now opens editable in Textkraft.

As we mentioned above: This might still be a little inconvenient, but we are working on a convenient solution with Secomba.

2 thoughts on “Storing texts safely in the cloud

  1. Hi,
    I have been waiting for this Boxcryptor link feature for a long time now. Can you tell me how the project is going? Do you have a planned date when we can use it?


    • Hi! We are still waiting for the BoxCryptor API to integrate the interface into our apps.