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Taking a closer look on Textkraft's dictionary with thesaurus and spell check

Here we'd like to show you all important features of the interactive dictionary in Textkraft. The dictionary in Textkraft works independently from the standard autocorrect features of the iPad. They can be turned on or off in the custom app settings. Often users who write a lot feel distracted by the iPad's auto correction because it happens to do undesired changes while writing.


Find the right words with Textkraft

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words – with the thesaurus in Textkraft these times are over! Open the dictionary by tapping on the icon with the circle and checkmark. As soon as you start writing, the dictionary generates the suggestions. The suggestions shown in the dictionary are divided into multiple categories which can be identified by color:

  • Green – the dictionary recognized the word as right.
  • Red – The dictionary is not familiar with the word (unknown words can be added to the dictionary).
  • Grey – your latest changes to try different phrasings.
  • Yellow – Synonyms and other related words.
  • Purple – words that are closest to the spelling of your word.
  • Blue – extensions to your word, depending on the x-button.
  • Orange – the words shown here are often collateral on the right side of your current word.

The x-button appears when you tap a second time on the dictionary icon. x-Button

It shows
  • words that begin with the current word or word fragment (x...)
  • words that contain the word or fragment (...x...)
  • or words that end with it (...x)
  • When you tap on a suggestion of the dictionary, a menu will pop up and give you these options:

    • Use: replace your word with the suggestion
    • Look up: research the word in an online-dictionary. Depending on app version there are various online-dictionaries available. Disable 'external look up' in the app settings to do your online-research without leaving the app.
    • Report: Let us know about errors in the dictionary.

    Find all misspelled words with the spell check button

    Korrekturtaste In the case that you disabled the iPad's auto correction features, misspelled words are not underlined in red. In order to find all typos in your text you can use the spell check button. With a single tap it jumps to the next unknown word. The dictionary will show suggestions in green and you can replace them.

    Settings for the dictionary

    The app settings include the following configurations for the dictionary:

    Settings_EN External look up:

  • On: Go to mobile Safari for your online research.
  • Off: Doesn't leave the app for online research. The advantage is that you can return to your text with a single tap.
  • Single tap shows menu:
    When this setting is active and you tap on a dictionary entry the word menu will pop up. If it is off, a single tap on the word will trigger the command 'use' and the menu will be shown with a double tap instead.

    Look up delay:
    With the look up delay controller you can decide how fast Textkraft will look up a word after typing breaks. Slow writers should move the controller to the turtle (slow) in order to save battery life of the iPad.

    Any critics or suggestions? We are always happy about your feedback!

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