Text information in Textkraft

Taking a closer look on text information features in Textkraft

Screenshot Text information Writing can be extremely time consuming. Sometimes it can take you hours to edit a paragraph. But how long did it take you exactly? Probably no one we know uses a stopwatch to reconstruct the workflow precisely. But sometimes, detailed information on our work can be helpful. Textkraft provides you with such information, whenever needed.

The app offers you access to detailed information on your composition. No matter if you’d like to know time and date of the documents’ creation, last modification, the amount of words and sentences and so on. The app provides information for single paragraphs, sentences, or just the whole document.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-06 um 13.05.57 Simply select the desired passage and tap the Information-button. Textkraft now displays widespread information on your text selection.

Text information

editing time The editing time gives you a summary of the amount of time you spent working on the document. To make it more precise, Textkraft displays the total time you spent on the complete text on the left, whereas on the right side you can check the duration of your current session.


For those of you whose texts must comply with standard pages, as is often required for publishers, the menu item “pages” serves as a practical indication.

With its text information-features, Textkraft allows you to analyze and optimize your workflow. Do you have any questions about the other provided text information? We’ll be glad to help you.

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  1. I’ve just purchased this app but cannot determine how to underline text, make ‘bold’, ‘italics’ etc. please advise.