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Sebastian Ammerlynd author

Today, in our series about authors who use Textkraft, we would like to introduce Sebastian Ammerlynd to you.

Sebastian is an author and a musician. He published his fantasy adventure "ARION - The Legend of the Tearstones" independently as an e-book and through print-on-demand on various book platforms. Striving to combine his two passions, writing and music, he has created a new and exciting experience by inventing a whole music genre: book music, or rather "the soundtrack to the book". We are excited to see how this idea will be received by readers around the world. After all, film soundtracks have been quite popular for a long time now. To get an impression of the music, you can listen to a number of pre-releases on Sebastian Ammerlynd's Youtube channel.

We had the chance to ask Sebastian a few questions about his book projects and working with Textkraft:

ARION - The Legend of the Tearstones

infovole: "ARION - The Legend of the Tearstones" is available in German and in English. What prompted this idea and what was your experience publishing in two languages?

Sebastian: I studied English and Music at university. At the end of my studies, I spent some time in the USA where I also met my wife. Between the two of us, we speak a lot of English at home, so I feel very comfortable with the language. Sometimes I say something and it takes me a moment to realize that it was in English.
After the German edition of ARION had been published, I was inspired to tackle the challenge of translating my own story into English. In a way it felt as if I had to write the story a second time, but it was a lot of fun for me. I was lucky to find an American native speaker who copy-edited and, in many ways, put the finishing touches on my rough translation.

infovole: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

Sebastian: ARION is my first publication. The story is intended to have three parts. Right now, I am working on the book music for Part 1 and I am also writing Part 2, which I plan to publish in autumn 2016. In the meantime, I am planning on publishing a CD with the music for the first part and also an illustrated edition of the e-book. After that, I would love to try making an audio book as well.

infovole: With the next installment of the story so far off, is it worth it to read Part 1 now?

Sebastian: Great entertainment is always worth it! Although the story will have three parts, the first part "The Legacy" contains a storyline that completes the first stage of the plot. The two heroes, Ben and Gwynlin, are drawn into an adventure that threatens the existence of Gwynlin's people. The two embark on a wild and exciting journey to meet the challenge.

infovole: You use Textkraft Professional for your daily writing. As an author, what do you like about our app?

Sebastian: Its uncluttered interface makes it easy to simply start writing. This means I never lose a good idea when inspiration hits me. Being able to adjust the font size using a two-finger-pinch gesture is sheer genius. I write in different locations or often project my iPad screen onto a large screen or TV. Sometimes, I even write outside, in my car or in places where there is actually too much light for the iPad. In such cases, this zoom function is priceless because it enables me to adapt to different environments quickly. A lot additional functions, which are commonly found in desktop word processors, complete Textkraft: a spell checker, dictionaries, a thesaurus, research support, the ability to write in different languages and a simple export function.
With Textkraft, life as an author is simply simple! 😉

infovole: What advice would you like to share with aspiring authors and self-publishers?

Sebastian: Don't be a copycat! Write what you would like to read and not something that has made others successful – the self-publishing market works differently compared with the conventional publishing business. Work hard on your style and try to deliver a product that is error-free – which is much more difficult than you may think.
And if those first steps on the way to your own book seem like the ascent of Mount Everest to you, try the Snowflake method. It starts with a single sentence, a bit like a cover blurb. From there, it guides you through several manageable steps. At the end of each of these steps your text has grown, just like a snowflake grows around a single grain of dust. Before you know it, you will have the entire plot and the skeleton of your story. After that, there's nothing else to do but to write, write, write.

infovole: We would like to thank you for this interview and wish you good luck with your projects!

ARION - The Legend of the Tearstones ist available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

Textkraft Professional is – as usual – available at the App Store.

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