Bumprz – iPhone beautifully protected


Our friends from Case of Steel invented a great new product to protect your iPhone and we'd like to tell you about it:

Bumprz™ is an innovative, strong and beautiful protection for your iPhone without the obligatory "bulk" of the traditional cases.

Bumprz™ not only strengthens and protects your vulnerable corners, they also beautify your phone in the process. Phone bling! A double win. We say: Thumbs Up!!!


  • Protects. Bumprz absorb an impact and with the help of the 3M adhesive direct the forces from the impact to the face and side of the device where the device can handle high compressive forces and shear forces without failing.
  • Strength. Bumprz are made of a variety of metals. Metals can absorb and displace the impact better than a plastic of the same thickness. There are some advanced polymers that can do well here, but they just don’t look as nice.
  • Attractive. Bumprz look good. They are an additive feature.
  • As Intended. Your phone feels and works like it was designed to work. You see the beauty and functionality of the phone as it was meant. There is no taking off cases to charge or hook up accessories. There is no bulk added to the phone.
  • Barely there. Bumprz does not get in the way. It fits in your pocket and handbag.
  • Saves face. Bumprz also let you flop your phone face down without worrying about any scratches.
  • Support Bumprz™ on KICKSTARTER and get your set of original Bumprz in Polished or Satin and in Silver or Gold.

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