Textkraft and VoiceOver


Happy new year, happy new projects!

In 2014 we will make our writing apps even better in terms of Accessibility and VoiceOver. With this step we want to guarantee visually impaired users flawless working with Textkraft.

By the end of 2013 we received several support requests from visually impaired Textkraft Users that told us the same things independently of each other: Textkraft is already usable for visually impaired users, but there are still things that need to be improved. Now, if you think that visually impaired people couldn't use iPads anyway, you're wrong: Via VoiceOver visually impaired users can access all integrated and many downloadable apps. With the help of the users who sent us the initial support requests we'll optimize our apps for VoiceOver soon - because we really want that also visually impaired users can access the full functionality of Textkraft & co.

App developers should read this article by Matt Gemmell which explains all the needed steps to guarantee accessibility for your apps - don't worry, it's not too hard!
Last but not least, we'd like to share an interview with Marco Zehe, a german blogger who was also one of the users who asked us to improve Textkraft for VoiceOver.

Why are you using Textkraft?
"Mostly because of my wife. She is using Textkraft on her iPad. She can see and is not dependent on VoiceOver. One day I was browsing through the top app charts and discovered that Textkraft was on sale for Black Friday and thought I'll try it. The problems I found after the download are not totally trivial, but they are conquerable. I was also very happy about the positive response of the infovole team!"

How is your workflow with Textkraft? How and what for are you using it?
""The workflow remains to be found out. Primary I'd like to use Textkraft to write nice drafts of my blog notes and articles, so I can put them into the right form with a blog editor afterwards. Especially Textkraft's options for spell check, thesaurus and the extended keyboard were very appealing to me. However, the full functionality is not there yet due to the fact that some things have to be adapted for VoiceOver first. "

How must Textkraft be improved to be completely functional for you?
"First of all, all buttons and extra buttons need right Accessibility Labels for Voice Over. Right now many buttons don't have any labels at all and VoiceOver tries to speak the label from the titles of the image resources. There are also pre-built, but slightly changed buttons - for this reason VoiceOver calls the buttons for text selection "Camera". Of course these little things must be adjusted so users know what the button does in fact.
Moreover it would be nice if some Controls would include Accessibility Hints. They help blind people who have no visual response from the screen to get a short explanation of the handling. Some buttons are more like keyboard keys and should be handled like this by VoiceOver. Here we need some small changes regarding the Accessibility Trait of these buttons.
The pop ups for text suggestions and document information are not accessible at all right now. They are completely ignored by VoiceOver. It will take some work to make these elements accessible. Without them, I can not use main functionalities Textkraft.
Last but not least there is the challenge to make text formattings verbally accessible. it will be exciting to find out, which efficient and helpful user interaction will be accomplished. "

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