New Textkraft update for iPad

Textkraft iPad Update

The fourth iPad update of Textkraft this year brings basic iOS 9 compatibility, bug fixes, many detail improvements and new features. Some of the new features are available exclusively for Textkraft Professional 3.3, which was released today.

For a limited time, Textkraft English and some other apps can still be upgraded to Textkraft Professional. The app bundle deducts the amount already paid from the purchase price. Details about the upgrade bundle can be found on the App Store. (UPDATE: The bundle will be available from 08/19/2015.)

New features exclusive for Textkraft Professional

  • New dictionaries for Singapore English and Norwegian BokmÃ¥l are available with iOS 8.3 and newer.

  • With Wordnik and WolframAlpha two very powerful English online dictionaries were added. As usual requests can be made directly from the text and the results are presented within Textkraft - no need to leave the app.

  • ownCloud can now be used as cloud storage. ownCloud is a open source cloud server which addresses users who want to keep their data under own control. Visit for detailed information.

  • Files can be copied and moved on your cloud or local storage without loading them first. This takes care of limited data plans and saves a lot of time.

  • The cross-platform text format RTF can now be imported, saved and sent as an attachment. When importing all supported text styles are read. The text import also works with RTFD files.

  • Imports Microsoft Word .DOC and .DOCX files as plain text.

  • The font "OpenDyslexic" has been added. The font helps users with reading and writing difficulties (dyslexia) to improve their text work. More information can be found on

  • Textkraft Professional now supports the X-callback URL protocol (iOS 8 or newer). With this ability Textkraft can be remote controlled from many workflow apps. We will publish a list of the Textkraft callback parameters on our support page in the next days. Please drop us a note, if you think that Textkraft misses an important callback action. (EDIT: The article is now online.)

New features and improvements for all Textkraft iPad apps

Addresses Textkraft Professional 3.3, Textkraft Lite 3.2.1 and monolingual apps like Textkraft English in version 3.1.2. The updates will appear successively in the next weeks.

  • Basic iOS 9 compatibility. Former versions of Textkraft do not run on iPads with iOS 9 installed.

  • Highly improved dictionaries for all supported languages. The suggestions for the correct spelling of words are more extensive and accurate.

  • The "Find unknown words" function has been completely overhauled. The back and forward buttons are now always on the right edge of the dictionary window, so that they no longer change the position when you work through texts. The function no longer stops on words which are detected by Apple's standard dictionaries to be correct (orange color coding). In addition, the speed of the function could be increased by up to 25%.

  • Textkraft now has the correct typographic quotes for UK and India. For this purpose, the corresponding English dictionaries must be activated.

  • Improved access to Google Drive and iCloud Drive. We fixed some bugs and optimized the speed.

  • The order of files when opening and saving texts is now alphabetically correct. In addition, the modification date of files is displayed with time.

  • Textkraft now opens many audio and video formats. This is interesting especially for transcription tasks, because you don't have to switch to other apps. As usual in Textkraft, a simple swipe gesture switches between the media player and your text.

  • The display of images has been improved - the white margins were removed and adjusted to the look of the selected color theme.

  • Textkraft now allows you to open unknown file formats that can not be previewed, so that communication functions such as "Send e-mail attachment" can be applied on the files.

  • Faster load times for text documents without font styles and faster closing of large documents of all kinds.

  • Textkraft now opens Fountain files for scriptwriters (.fountain and .spmd).

  • The new color theme "Blueberry" is very easy on the eyes. A good compromise between the bright standard theme and the night mode and more modern than Sepia.

  • The scrollbar for large documents has been revised and now works more reliably and the scroll position and zoom factor of opened documents are now proper restored.

  • At the request of many users, the text-Info tool now displays the cursor position in characters and words.

More improvements

  • More accurate thumbnails in the Overview controller
  • UI improvements for iOS 8.3 and newer
  • Fixed Siri dictation problems
  • Improved the Auto-Prefix function
  • Much faster swiping and switching between opened documents
  • Press the list button multiple times to toggle between indention levels
  • Possible crashes while using headline styles, the dictionary, the file overview, save dialogs, or doing text replacements are fixed
  • Several minor bug fixes and detail improvements in all areas
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