Pro Update for iOS 11

Drag & Drop Settings

The Textkraft Professional Update for iPad is available for download, just on time for the release of iOS 11. In addition to many corrections and optimizations for the new iOS, Textkraft now supports Drag & Drop in its professional version.

Text files and text selections can be dragged directly into editable Textkraft documents and pasted there.

For example, complete text files and RTF documents can be imported from the new "Files" app directly into Textkraft. Text snippets from Safari or other apps can also quickly be integrated into your own texts. The insertion point can be placed freely before the "drop". When pasting, Textkraft uses one of the new insert options that can be selected in Settings under "Drag & Drop".

  • "Exact position" places the text exactly at the cursor position. Textkraft will add spaces to the text if necessary, so that you don't have to navigate back after the drop.
  • "Always new line" or "Always new paragraph" inserts the text directly into the existing document as a new line or paragraph.
  • The "Show options" function asks for the insertion type for each text drop.

Text drops can only be inserted into text documents. If a text drop is already hovering over Textkraft, you can still switch the current document with the document overview Document Overview or create a new document New Document.

Within one Textkraft document, text is being moved by drag & drop - not copied, as it is the case with a document or app switch. After moving, a copy can be created by pressing the undo function once, since the source text appears again first. Twice Undo reverses the entire process.

Of course, text can also be dragged out of Textkraft into any other app supporting plain or styled text drops.

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