TEXTkraft 5 beta 3

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The third beta version of our TEXTkraft is available for download. All you need is an iPad with iOS 15. You can install TEXTkraft 5 in parallel with Textkraft 4 without any problems. No data from Textkraft 4 is affected.

If you are not already signed up for the TEXTkraft test flight, please follow this link: TestFlight registration!

What's new in beta 3?

Bug fixes:

  • Editing filenames or creating folders in the File Browser in landscape orientation led to an endless loop of screen refreshs and lots of screen flickering before. Fixed. (#008)
  • Moving the cursor left in an empty document led into an endless loop. And there was also potential for crashes in other "heading left" situations. (#012)
  • Trying to move the cursor with the arrow on-screen keys didn't played a sound in all cases where the cursor was not able to move. (#013)
  • We are now handling renamed, moved or deleted files correctly, which are stored in the Quick Access list. (#011)
    • No more panic save on trying to load a non-existing doc
    • iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive and local storage are now resolving docs correctly
    • Dropbox is not resolving docs, we display an alert. Dropbox is no first class citizen in the iOS file provider world, so we do not advertise it anymore. All paths are converted to lowercase and when you rename or move a file, the system gets not informed and bookmarks lose their target. (#016)
  • We are not closing dirty docs on screen clearing anymore ... they get reopened anyway in the next seconds to store the changed content. (#015)
  • We are showing alerts with debug information when the sidebar item loading fails, to find out why we lose the Quick Links list sometimes seldom. This debug code will be removed again in a later release. (#017)
  • Through the share menu imported documents are now editable. Before the app tried to write to a read-only file. Test scenario: Open a txt file attached to an e-mail in TK. (#019)
  • More fixes in many detail situations.

New features:

  • You can encrypt files by tapping the lock symbol in the top toolbar. Each file gets an individual passphrase from the user. The passphrase is transformed to a key which is saved in the users device keychain for convenience. When the key is not used for a minute, it gets retrieved from the keychain. This process needs user presence and is confirmed with biometric sensors. The biometric sensors are also used when the user wants to encrypt a file or wants to store it decrypted again. (#007)
    • A panic backup file uses encrypted content
    • Sharing always shares non-encrypted content
    • We display a warning when encrypted content is shared
  • We can now select any on the system installed font in addition to the standard iPad font faces we recommend. (#009)
  • Quickly create a new file from the sidebar at common storage locations. (#010)

Cosmetic changes:

  • Less prominent help buttons on the sidebar. Now gray and smaller. (#018)

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