TEXTkraft 5 for iPad available

TEXTkraft 5 says hello

Say hello to TEXTkraft 5

The all new app delivers text editing according to the latest standard: Optimized for modern Apple devices, built with the latest Swift and SwiftUI technologies and designed with real user experience from over a decade.

Today we ship the first release of the new platform running on Apples iPad family. iPhone and Mac versions of TEXTkraft 5 will be available soon and delivered in the same app binary.

A detailed list of the feature set is available at the App Store. Below are a few additional impressions and infos:

TEXTkraft 5 says hello

Modern architecture

TEXTkraft 5 needs iOS 15 to run because it is an all new code base which makes use of the latest technologies. We will keep Textkraft Professional 4 in the store for a little while for people who can’t get beyond iOS 12.5.

TEXTkraft 5 manages files with the original Apple file browser, because this guarantees the highest level of security and connectivity. It connects safely to any cloud and to the local iPad storage. To increase productivity all opened documents are directly accessible in the TEXTkraft sidebar. The app opens documents at place; it doesn't create copies of files unless you want it to.

TEXTkraft 5 says hello

Pure text: A standard which will stay forever

TEXTkraft is a professional plain text writing app which opens any text file. And it keeps the markdown tags of Textkraft Professional 4, even when it doesn’t show styled text yet. We are planning a switch where the user decides whether plain text editing with markdown in highest performance or nice rendering is more important.

Other apps put a lot of weight on users, with styling, layout and pagination features. Often you don’t need them, but you are forced to handle them. Textkraft concentrates on content, the message itself.

Processing, saving and archiving pure text is the safest way to free yourself from the dictates of companies, formats and other constraints. Your documents will most likely still be opened 100 years from now without a special app or device.

TEXTkraft 5 says hello

Data privacy how it should be

Since over a decade, we proof our anti-spy guarantee, uncompromisingly - no data is transferred for profiling or marketing and we refrain from using libraries and SDKs from third-parties who may see things differently.

On top of that: With TEXTkraft 5 we deliver a new function which stores your content securely encrypted with just a tap on a button. This way your content is encrypted before it is stored on a cloud or memory stick. Nobody - even the cloud provider - can read your secrets.

TEXTkraft 5 says hello

A word on pricing

Textkraft exists since more than a decade. As an independent developer, we have opted for unrestricted privacy. We do not sell your data or content and do not show any advertising! This is the reason, why we have to charge a fee for creating, improving and supporting the app. But it is important to us that you find a license model that suits your personal situation and inclinations:

TEXTkraft can be evaluated free of charge. Licenses are available for defined periods, as an all-inclusive one-time purchase, or as an affordable subscription. It's your choice! You can find all the options and their current prices on the "Manage License" page in the app's sidebar.

Textkraft Professional 4 owners receive a free 90 days license when they install TEXTkraft 5. Just keep your old Textkraft installed while you start the new one. BTW: You can install TEXTkraft 5 parallel to Textkraft 4 without any problems. No data from Textkraft 4 is affected.

TEXTkraft 5 says hello TEXTkraft 5 says hello TEXTkraft 5 says hello

Free download!

Please download TEXTkraft at the App Store: Download link

TEXTkraft 5 at the App Store

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