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Textkraft Pro Update 4.1

The new update 4.1 of Textkraft Professional for the iPad comes with many new and updated features, that are primarily for self-publishers of great interest.

Texts can now directly be saved as an EPUB formatted e-book. The exporter gathers all required and usefull meta data for the publication. In addition to standard data such as the name of the author and the publisher, the cover image can be set and a table of contents can be generated from the structure of heading styles used in the document. Completed e-books can be shared as an attachment, saved locally or in a cloud, or can be directly stored in Apple's iBook app.

All meta data under control: EPUB export made easy!

All meta data under control: EPUB export made easy!

Beside the comprehensive export function, Textkraft can also open EPUB e-books for reading or import the text of an e-book including all supported text styles for editing.

For the finalization of the text prior to publication, the integrated and extended dictionary with synonyms has been greatly improved. Unknown words can now be learned temporarily, so that they are only valid for the current project. A prediction and correction menu can be shown directly in the text. It only replaces words when the user taps on a suggestion.

The system uses a newly developped text corpus, which learns the favourite words and subjects of the writer to make better suggestions over time. The corpus is secured by Apple Data Protection and can not be made visible.

Furthermore, non-breaking spaces and hyphens can now be written and a new option allows it, to make non-breaking spaces visible in the text. Important functions are available as key shortcuts on external keyboards. The command key can be hold down to display the options. Regular expressions can be used for searching. For instance "grep:\t" searches tabs and "grep:[0-9]+" finds numbers of any size.

Keyboard shortcuts in the editor

Keyboard shortcuts in the editor

"With the new Textkraft Professional we deliver the first comprehensive, mobile production studio for self-publishers", says Marcel Uetzels, founder of infovole. "Starting with the primary text capture, through the correction process, up to the publication as full-featured e-book: Textkraft has all the features to write and publish on an iPad as productive as it was only possible with a laptop before."

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