Textkraft & iOS 9

Textkraft Updates for iOS 9

To use Textkraft on iOS 9 the following minimum app versions are needed:

  • Textkraft Professional for iPad in version 3.3 is already released. Read more about the update details.

  • Textkraft Pocket for iPhone and Apple Watch in version 2.1 is also already available. This version also supports the upcoming watchOS 2. More details about the update are available here ...

  • Textkraft English, Français or Deutsch for the iPad in version 3.1.2 will be released this week.

  • Textkraft Lite for iPad in version 3.2.1 is still in production and will be released in early October.

  • Textkraft Pocket Lite for iPhone in version 1.1.2 is already in the distribution channel and will be available in late September.

  • As usual all updates are free downloads on the Apple App Store.

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