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Textkraft Pocket for iPhone and Apple Watch is by far the most versatile mobile writing and note taking app. Often it is called "the Swiss Army knife for text". In order to comply, we sharpen the blades and make the app even better: Just before the end of the year we released the eighth comprehensive update in just 14 months!
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These are the highlights of the update to version 3 ...


Textkraft Clouds

Textkraft Pocket now connects to WebDAV servers. This allows users who don't trust cloud providers, to store documents securely on own servers or the PC at home. As usual Textkraft supports deletion, moving, copying, renaming and creation of files and folders, so that there is no need to leave the app when files must be organized.

Textkraft Pocket offers all important storage options in one app, supporting local iPhone storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Documents & Data, iCloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, WebDAV, ownCloud, Evernote and BOX.


Textkraft Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search is a powerful search engine in the palm of your hand, which evaluates app data and personal documents beside the usual web content. Textkraft Pocket makes all open text documents accessible through Spotlight. iOS 9 or newer and a device with Spotlight support (at least an iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5th generation) are needed to use this new feature.

When Textkraft Pocket is protected with a passcode or Touch ID, Spotlight will show no thumbnails of your documents. When you still have security concerns, you can switch off Spotlight in the Textkraft settings.

3D-Touch and Quick Actions

Textkraft Quick Actions

Everybody who owns one of these fancy new iPhone 6s devices, can trigger the most important Textkraft actions after app launch with a Force Touch. The following Quick Actions are available directly on the home screen:

  • Creation of a new document with open keyboard to start writing immediately
  • Pasting the clipboard content to a new document (... mutliple usages are pasting to the same document)
  • Display the list of files which are marked as favorites
  • Show the recently edited files with one tap

More languages and better dictionaries

Textkraft Dictionary on iPhone

Textkraft Pocket now has offline dictionaries for 22 languages and country specific variations on board. Danish, Dutch, six different English variations, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, two Portuguese variations, Russian, Swedish, two Spanish variations and Turkish are freely selectable.

As usual the user can define an own set of languages, to access them quickly in the Textkraft dictionary. An important speciality: Language switching can be done without switching the keyboard layout.

In addition, the options of the extended dictionaries are improved. Beside the display of possible word completions, words with special fragments or suffixes are available. The last option is very useful for creating poetry and song lyrics.

iOS compatibility

Textkraft Pocket is now based on the actual iOS 9 SDK. This improves compatibility and functionality of devices running iOS 9. Additionally many improvements and bug fixes for iOS 8 and iOS 7 are included in the update. This makes Textkraft Pocket 3.0 the best choice for all actual iOS versions.

Textkraft Pocket on the Apple Watch

User interface enhancements are providing more speed and comfort when writing. Last but not least, the following areas were improved: ownCloud, iCloud Drive, Evernote, Microsoft OneDrive, VoiceOver, read aloud function and the Watch app.

We wish you to have a lot of fun with the update and a great holiday season. Download today and tell your friends about this great little app! :-)

Download Textkraft Pocket on the App Store

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