What can the Pro version do?

Textkraft Pro Auszeichnung

Until 9th of May we offer a discounted Textkraft Professional bundle to give our customers a cheap upgrade path from older, discontinued or less powerful Textkraft apps.

These are the exclusive benefits of the Professional app variant:

  • Multitasking with other apps
  • Split View and Slide Over
  • Drag & Drop of text files and snippets
  • Optimized for iPad Pro, including enhanced keyboard
  • Offline dictionaries in 22 languages
  • Extended dictionaries with synonyms (thesaurus) for English, French, German and Spanish
  • Shows German articles, infinitives & flections
  • Switch between languages without changing the keyboard layout
  • Use a prediction and correction menu directly in the text. It only replaces words when you tap on them.
  • Words can be learned temporarily for a project or document
  • Search in all open text documents with iOS Spotlight search
  • Grep search: Use regular expressions for searching by prepending "grep:" to your search phrase. E.g. "grep:\t" searches tabs and "grep:[0-9]+" shows numbers of any size.
  • Page margins
  • Make non-breaking spaces visible in the text
  • Important functions are available as key shortcuts on external keyboards. Hold the command key to see the options.
  • Export and share your text in EPUB format or save it as an e-book in the iBook app
  • Create e-books with all needed meta information, like cover, author, table of contents, description etc.
  • Use secure ownCloud- and WebDAV-servers as cloud storage
  • Copy and move files on your cloud or local storage without loading them
  • Import RTF, RTFD, HTML & EPUB (e-books) with all supported text styles
  • Import Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX files as plain text
  • Export and share RTF documents
  • Comparison function for text documents and other files
  • Multilingual text to speech function
  • A special font to increase the readability for users with dyslexia
  • System wide Share Extension sends selected text from any app to Textkraft – without opening it. Collect text fragments during research quickly without switching apps back and forth.
  • Supports X-Callback-URL

DIRECT LINK TO THE UPGRADE BUNDLE. The purchase price of your previous Textkraft Apps are deducted!

You do not have a Textkraft app yet? PURCHASE TEXTKRAFT PROFESSIONAL WITH A REDUCED PRICE ($ 8.99 instead of $ 13.99).

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