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The new update 2.0 of our Knowledge Browser “Wise Guy” now offers extensive functions to adapt the app to your personal needs.

The camera with built-in OCR allows quick look ups with Wise Guy, without typing or dictation. However, users always had to rely on us to provide the right categories as a one-button search function.

Therefore, the new update comes with a function that allows to modify or hide predefined search options and to add new, personal search themes.

Below you can read how to customize the search options on the 'Search' screen ...

Manage search options

Wise Guy list of search options

In the tab bar at the bottom of the screen, select 'Settings' and then 'Manage search options ' in the 'Lookup' section.

When you have the 'Manage search options' list in front of you, tap 'Edit' in the upper right corner of the screen to ...

  • change the order of the search options with the '≡' keys.

  • create your own, new search options with the '+' button in the upper left corner.

  • delete the added search options with the red '⊖' button. The action must be confirmed by pressing a second button labelled "Delete".

Swipe left on an entry to hide or show the corresponding search option on the 'Search' screen. This allows you to make options temporarily invisible without deleting them.

Tap an option in the list to edit its name, visibility, button color or search behavior.

Customize search options

Wise Guy edit search option

Button label: The name for the search option button on the 'Search' screen.

Sites: The domain names of the websites that are queried with this search option. "www" and "http(s)" prefixes do not need to be entered. Examples: "infovolde.com" or a sub-domain such as "blog.infovole.com".

Optionally, paths can be appended to the domain name to limit the search to a specific website area. Example: "infovole.com/search/only/here".

Each site is placed on a new line.

Visible on 'Search': The same function as 'Swipe left' above. It makes the current entry invisible if required.

Prior result checking: A small indicator on the search button shows in advance whether there are results for the current query (green = yes; red = no results). This function is only available for certain search options and can only be used for one custom option.

Restrict target language: When activated, the search option will only appear on the 'Search' screen if the corresponding target language for the search results has been selected. For example, if your sites contain French and English content, you can select "🇫🇷" for the target language. The search button will not be shown for other languages and queries will only deliver French results.

Color: Select the button color of the current search option.

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