TEXTkraft 5.2 auf Testflight


Mit dem folgenden Link könnt ihr das neue TEXTkraft 5.2 für iPad ausprobieren, bevor wir es im App Store veröffentlichen. Bitte lasst unseren Support wissen, wenn etwas nicht korrekt funktionieren möchte. Eine Kontaktfunktion befindet sich in der App.

Testflight-Link = https://testflight.apple.com/join/DNCUyv1R

What's new since v.5.1?

New functions:
  • Switching between a multistyle or a plain text markdown editor at any time
  • Settings: Choose if text should be styled or plain with markdown right after loading
  • Predifined headings and text styles available on the keyboard toolbars
  • Share multistyle or markdown text
  • Paste and drop styled text to TEXTkraft
  • File info function for PDF in the top toolbar
Bugs RIP:
  • Some TK4 docs showed a wrong save state (apparently saving forever)
  • Automatic line ending correction works for files larger than 3 KB
  • We can now handle files with mixed and broken line endings
  • Split View with onscreen keyboard prevented the last line of text from being visible
Other improvements:
  • The hashtag is now a valid word character for cursor navigation and selection tools
  • Better error management on startup when referenced files are missing
  • Faster toolbar update and better layout when app size changes
  • Some icon and text updates

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