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Who is infovole?

infovole GmbH is an independent & owner-managed app smithy that deals with the development of mobile applications and the associated server and cloud infrastructures.

Apple platform specialist

35 years of experience with the Apple platforms is our foundation with lots of hybrid dev and integration along the way. Android, PWA, desktop and server systems, all as needed.


With over 6 million downloads of our apps on the App Store, we have been delivering updates and first-class support since 2011. Continuous performance and support are our strengths!

Tailored solutions

Our portfolio covers the entire design, production and distribution chain of a modern app. Agility and experience, combined with a deep understanding of technology.

Data privacy is a democratic imperative!


  • No data is transferred from our apps for profiling or marketing
  • Your documents and data aren't evaluated, or made accessible to others
  • Our products are GDPR compliant
  • We make use of Apple Data Protection technologies in our apps
  • On top TEXTkraft offers access protection with passcode lock, Touch ID or Face ID and document encryption, that even cloud providers cannot read your content

Your thoughts become words!

The TEXTkraft productivity app series our most well-known product: A professional writing pad, markdown text editor and document reader in one app.

Processing, saving, and archiving pure text is the safest way to free yourself from dictates of companies, platforms, formats and other constraints. Your documents will most likely still be opened 100 years from now without a special app or device.

TEXTkraft is the perfect app for your personal plain text revolution. Since 2011 on iPad and iPhone.

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