Do you have any questions or problems regarding our apps? We'll do our best to help you.

Detailed questions, satisfying answers

If you have problems with our apps, you can contact the support team. Please understand that we aim to answer all inquiries carefully and it may take a few days to respond. Especially when we need to reproduce problems on our devices.

Please read the notes to the right so you have all the information you need when writing to us...

The device you are using

The exact type of your device and iOS / iPadOS version is a very important information.

"iPad Pro 11-inch, 3rd generation from 2021 with iPadOS 16.1.2"

Name and version of the app you are using

At the end of 2021 we counted almost 200 different app versions that we have delivered over time. The app store name and version of the app are really needed information. You can find the version information in the settings section of your app.

"Textkraft Professional 4.7.2 (7253)"

Detailed information to understand the problem and reproduce the situation on our devices

What did you expect to happen and what happened instead? Which features did you use right before the incident? Notable particularities, like external keyboard, unstable internet connection or a special cloud service?

In-app support in TEXTkraft and "Mobile Daten Widget"

Support for TEXTkraft 5 and Mobile Daten Widget is built right into the app!

If you need help with these apps, please use the built-in help function! The app will help you to provide the required information that we pointed out above.

In TEXTkraft the "Your Feedback" function sits on the main sidebar.

In the widget app you find the "Ein Problem mit der App melden" function at the bottom of the main menu page.

Support for other apps

Textkraft Professional 4, More words, Textkraft Pocket 4, Wise Guy

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