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February & March 2023

TEXTkraft 5.4.3

Focus updates for TEXTkraft: Higher speed, more stability, better usability

We have released two more maintenance updates for TEXTkraft to address every bug report and more minor usability requests.

January 2023

TEXTkraft 5 jetzt auch auf Deutsch

Happy New Year

We wish everybody out there a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, wherever you are and whatever challenges you face.

Our TEXTkraft "Speed & Stability" release 5.4.1 is on the App Store now. An important improvement, download the update right away.

Do you remember the first TEXTkraft version from 2011 on the original iPad? We found a picture in the depths of an old Mac... Enjoy!

Late December 2022

TEXTkraft 5 jetzt auch auf Deutsch

TEXTkraft 5.4.1 on TestFlight

Taking a breath before the platform expansion: Before we release TEXTkraft on the Mac, it's time for a "Speed & Stability" release.

A typical TEXTkraft use case is to open a document, make a change and then save it again – everything in a few seconds. We speeded this up by 50% on an iPad Pro and 70% on an iPad mini 4, and sanded down a lot of rough edges.

You can test the new version for free, just follow this link on your iOS device: TEXTkraft on Apple TestFlight 

BTW: The link is also valid for future test flights. Sign up to stay up to date!

December 2022

TEXTkraft 5 jetzt auch auf Deutsch

Servus, Grüezi und Hallo!
TEXTkraft now speaks German

Of course only if you want that. With version 5.4, Textkraft has a German user interface in addition to the English one.

But don't get confused: the correction and writing tools are on board as usual in over 30 languages.

TEXTkraft starts in the language selected for the iPad. However, you can set this differently in the settings app.

The new TEXTkraft 5.4 will be available on the App Store from December 5th: DOWNLOAD NOW!

November 2022

Lock screen widgets for Mobile Daten Widget with iOS 16

Four new lock screen widgets that show the remaining data volume and runtime even before you unlock the device. You are spoiled for choice:
- 2 small round widgets
- 1 medium rectangular widget with full info
- 1 widget for the date line above the time display, with data volume and remaining runtime

Mobile Daten Widget 1.2 will be available on the App Store from November 4th: DOWNLOAD NOW!

October 2022

New website

We're sure if you're reading this, you've already figured it out: We have a new website and we hope you like it!

The goal was better support for mobile devices, higher security and less information redundancy. The old WordPress website needed more and more attention. Resources we'd rather invest in our apps in the future.

The News section

The news area at this point will also be displayed in our apps in the future so that we can inform you about important updates, new functions and products.

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